St. Malo comics festival – Quai Des Bulles

Pirates of St. Malo - Leo Hartas illustration

Just returned from a wonderful weekend visiting the Quai Des Bulles comics festival in St. Malo, the amazing pirate town on the northern Brittany coast. I went with Jo and Freya and returned with our bags full of comic albums and our heads full of inspiration. I am always amazed by the huge variety and quality of the French comics scene where every subject is aired, from epic fantasy and sci-fi to kitchen sink drama, and even eye-popping bedtime stories. So unlike American superheros that seem to dominate the UK to exclusion of almost everything else. I am also struck by the wide variety of readers who include the whole family from children up to grandparents. Apparently a half of all books sold in France are graphic novels. My only problem is that I can’t read French so have to make do with the drawings alone which is no bad thing. Viva la bande dessinée! Doddle above from my sketchbook while in St. Malo.