Right Royal Brat Super Puzzles

Here are a few pages from a book I wrote and illustrated a few years ago for Walker. It’s a small, cheap puzzle book, but one of my favourites because it’s silly and combined a simple story with puzzles. I don’t do puzzles myself, Sudoku just irritates me, but for some reason I love making them.

The Phoenix Code

Pheonix Code


There hasn’t been a lot of news to post because I’ve been busy illustrating various books. For confidentiality reasons I can’t tell the world what I’ve been working on until the books are published. This is one such book I was illustrating before Christmas. The cover isn’t mine, but the interior black and white chapter motifs were. It’s a fabulous book by Helen Moss that is packed to the gunnels with action and adventure for 8 years upwards. Set in modern Egypt it follows the adventures of Ryan and Cleo as they unravel the secrets of the Valley of the Kings, reaching back through time  to try to solve the Phoenix Code.

It’s on Amazon here.

Find out more about Helen, The Phoenix Code and her other fantastic adventure books here.

I really enjoyed mixing modern images with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. Here are just a selection of the 40+ illustrations from the book.