Storyboards 4 – Skeletons at the seaside

Leo Hartas - Skellies Seaside - Storyboard

More skeleton adventures following the same undead family from my last post as they take a trip to the fun fair and seaside. These storyboards were designed for eventual 3D computer animation which still requires as much pre-planning as traditional animation.

For anyone looking for storyboards for movies, advertising or game design please contact me for a chat about your requirements.


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Storyboards 3 – Skeletons visit the museum

Leo Hartas - Skellies Museum - Storyboard

This was a storyboard I was commissioned to do for a speculative presentation by a client. I like the idea of the skeleton family wearing x-ray specs to feel more comfortable looking at the living people around them. It’s nice to see that general society is completely accepting of the undead living, or rather not living, as neighbours.

Storyboards 2 – Fruity drinks

Leo Hartas -Storyboard - CuteFrutz

Here is another storyboard following on from my last post. Of course these fruity drinks are all natural and totally safe and not obesity causing. I just noticed that I didn’t put any camera moves in, but looking at the story I’m guessing that most shots are pretty static. More storyboards to follow.

Storyboards 1 – Sultry advertising

Leo Hartas -Storyboard  -Panther


I was asked by my agent in 2013 to do some speculative example storyboards to explore a possible new area of work. It’s a lot of fun working on something that doesn’t need to follow through to final art but remains lively and sketchy. There is also the element of film making and storytelling which I feel very comfortable with, probably from watching far too many adverts over the years. The arrows all designate camera pans and zooms. No work came from it, though that could be that it wasn’t put in front of enough prospective clients, however I’m looking forward to building on and promoting this new service.

As I remember it this took about a day. More to follow.

Detail is the Bane of my Illustration Life

Captain Bilgebell's Treasure Ship WEB - Leo Hartas


Captain Bilgebelly’s Space Pirate Ship

Another example from the children’s book I worked on during Brighton Polytechnic Illustration BA course back in the day. This was supposed to be the end paper design. The idea for a cut away went back to my love for cut aways in various Thunderbird albums I remember as a child. In fact as an 8 year old, or 10, I drew a huge submarine that had mechanical grabs, many floors of living accommodation and even a cinema. I dimly remember that it made it into an exhibition at a gallery near my school and I was photographed next to it for the local paper. If I come across the photo I’ll add it to the post!

The interesting thing about this drawing is that it was the start of the bane of my life as an illustrator. You see, you get paid the same however much or little detail you put into a commission. The problem is that the more detail you include the longer it takes to draw and the further south your earnings go. People love that I add a lot of detail, and I love detail too. As I draw I see more and more that I can add to the illustration, and at the back of my mind I guess I feel I am giving more value to the viewer. A quick sketch feels like I’m selling them short. I have tried many times to simplify my work, but to no avail. Below are a few enlarged details so you can see how crazy I am!

Captain Bilgebell's Treasure Ship Detail 4 WEB- Leo Hartas

Captain Bilgebell's Treasure Ship Detail 3 WEB- Leo Hartas

Captain Bilgebell's Treasure Ship Detail 2 WEB- Leo Hartas

Captain Bilgebell's Treasure Ship Detail 1 WEB- Leo Hartas