Fire breathing dragons this Christmas

I know it’s a bit early to think about the festive season, but actually it isn’t. In about 2 blinks of an eyelid it will suddenly be the day before the last posting day and you still won’t have thought about Christmas! It is like having a dragon suddenly breathing down your neck.  (Well, that’s what it’s usually like for disorganised me).

Start planning now by actually buying a fire breathing Christmas dragon and sending it to your friends and family. My Christmas dragons are wonderful card cut out kits you buy, download and print yourself. The great thing is that you only need to buy one and you can print loads of cards from it (use the work photocopier to really save money!) Buy, download, and get fire breathing right away from this link on RPGnow.

Fighting Fantasy – Titan

Titan - Fighting Fantasy

Titan – Fighting Fantasy

Titan – The Fighting Fantasy World, subtitled The Ultimate Guide to the Fighting Fantasy World – No adventurer should be without it! The Ultimate Fighting Fantasy Handbook! Published by Puffin in 1989.

I thought it would be interesting to show a couple of illustrations I did for the above game book title back in the fag-end days of the choose you own adventure book phenomenon. I’d clean forgotten I ever did them, but for the detective work of Florent Haro manager of the AFF game in French (, by Scriptarium ( Many of these game books are finding a new life in the digital realm thanks to iPads and other devices where the format works very well. I always throughly enjoyed any fantasy illustration work, but sadly the print genre was superseded by computer games and the old fashioned drawing has been somewhat lost.
Foolishly I never kept a database or spreadsheet of all the illustrations I have done over the years, which must now number in the thousands. Fortunately the web seems to store all of this information, put together and updated by fans and bibliophiles.