Treats, a mistake?

Nana Deens TreatsIt’s my mother-in-laws birthday today. Happy Birthday Nana Deans! I’ve made here a box of sweets because the long running joke is that she has always disapproved of treats generally.  However, now I’m worrying that it may cause offense, if the joke is misunderstood. It’s a fine line! What should I do?

Time Flies When You’re Not Having Fun

7HartasLI just thought I’d put up this render to celebrate my website finally getting nearer to, “finished”. I can’t say it’s been a great pleasure putting it together, particularly learning the vagaries of WordPress. What was annoying was that I decided to go with WordPress for it’s much lauded, ‘ease’ of use, and I was seduced by the flashy themes everyone seemed to be using.

I’d been concerned that my old site, made in my much loved WYSIWYG Web Builder, popped up looking a bit different on other computers. On a friend’s Samsung phone it failed to load at all. I thought I’d better go for something that I knew would work on every device. (btw, I can thoroughly recommend WYSIWYG Web Builder, and suspect that it was looking different on various machines would have been down to my ineptitude.)

I guess the problem with WordPress is that it’s a writer’s tool, not a visual artists. This means that I almost wept as after much effort it dawned on me how little control one has over the look of the thing (and no, I’m not delving into css or php or whatever isn’t, ‘easy’.) I went with a theme called, Artist, really only because it was called, “Artist”, and that was the only way for me to differentiate amongst the gazillions of Themes I could choose from. I have to say that now I’ve got it up and running I’m pleased with the results, and the developer has been very amenable with my cries for help. Check out, Artist.

Anyway, back to the picture and the vague point of this missive. I did this render back in 1998 on some cranky old machine in what was the precursor of 3D Studio Max.. plain old 3D Studio running in DOS. When it came to re-jigging my website I was looking for ease. I just haven’t got the energy any more to roll up my sleeves as I did in those days. I just want to get on with good old fashioned art. I thought WordPress would mean throwing together a site in a couple of hours. The whole sorry experience made me realise that for all the amazing power computers now have, using the damn thing hasn’t got any easier at all.

Actually what’s really worrying me now is that I can’t remember the name of the fox character.