Leo Hartas

Leo Hartas crazy head.

I did this self portrait about 15 years ago, (actually 22 years – ed.) for the book, ‘Haunted Castle’, published by Dorling Kindersley. Sadly the book is long out of print, but you can still pick up second hand copies on Amazon for the princely sum of 1p + P&P.

I don’t know what that has to do with new beginnings, but this blog is a kind of new start as it coincides with a revamp of my website to a fancy WordPress based system. It should all be easier for me to update, along with drawing in more traffic from internet searches.

Apologies for a rough start. I’m still getting to grips with WordPress and formatting and populating the portfolio is going to take some time, so things look a little sparse at the moment. But two promises.

1. I WILL update the portfolio with new stuff regularly.

2. I WILL post to this blog regularly.

I’ve a lot to tell having started a new company venture, Playrama, and begun a complete re-evaluation of my freelance work and direction.

So there you have it!

Welcome to my new site. Do please book mark it and return now and again to catch up.

All the best,