Titan - Fighting Fantasy

Titan – Fighting Fantasy

Titan – The Fighting Fantasy World, subtitled The Ultimate Guide to the Fighting Fantasy World – No adventurer should be without it! The Ultimate Fighting Fantasy Handbook! Published by Puffin in 1989.

I thought it would be interesting to show a couple of illustrations I did for the above game book title back in the fag-end days of the choose you own adventure book phenomenon. I’d clean forgotten I ever did them, but for the detective work of Florent Haro manager of the AFF game in French (http://defisfantastiques.fr), by Scriptarium (http://scriptarium.fr). Many of these game books are finding a new life in the digital realm thanks to iPads and other devices where the format works very well. I always throughly enjoyed any fantasy illustration work, but sadly the print genre was superseded by computer games and the old fashioned drawing has been somewhat lost.
Foolishly I never kept a database or spreadsheet of all the illustrations I have done over the years, which must now number in the thousands. Fortunately the web seems to store all of this information, put together and updated by fans and bibliophiles.