Map of Kazan - Fighting Fantasy - Leo hartas

Here’s a scan of the map of Kazan from the Fighting Fantasy game book series. I’m very excited to be attending the Fighting Fantasy Fest this weekend as a guest, (Sunday, 7th Sept from 10:30 to 17:00). I’ll have a stall set up and you can ask me to do a drawing for a few quid and see some of the original artwork.

Looking at this map and the compass I can’t help feeling that I left it unfinished. I usually drew the compass in some detail but here it’s just N, an arrow and a couple of concentric circles.  No point worrying as the deadline was passed about 23 years ago!  Although I only illustrated the maps for the Fighting Fantasy series I did hundreds of black and white illustrations for the Golden Dragon game book series written by Dave Morris and Oliver Johnson and published by Granada. I recently found the originals all suitable yellowed and foxed with age and will bring them along too for your perusal.

I look forward to meeting you at the first ever dedicated game book festival! There is still time to buy tickets here.