Driftwood Throne

Driftwood Throne

In April I was commissioned to build a driftwood throne for the live action role play group, the Dumnonni Chronicles. My friend the sculptor, Michael Fairfax, came over for a day to lend a hand, and to remind me what a great pleasure it is to work with him. The photos don’t really do justice to it’s size and impact. The final three photos are of it in use during a Dumnonni event and were taken by photographer, Roy Smallpage.


Pug Dog

Pug-Dog - Leo Hartas Illustration

From my sketchbook.

The pug was sad. All day he had sat on his little velvet covered stool at the queen’s behest, never once averting his eyes from hers. How that little dog love his mistress, how little he knew the power he wielded in the royal court. “Well, pug”, cooed the queen, “should this man loose his head?”. Her gaze turned to the accused, “If pug nods his head,” she informed him, “you loose yours”. With that she produced a small delicacy from her purse, and moved it up and down before the pug who dutifully nodded his head. The man was dragged away to his fate, and queen rewarded the dog with the morsel and, until the next time, the little pug was happy.